This document covers a series of items to take into account in order to carry out an in-depth analysis of the activity or project to be tokenized.
The potential of a project determines the fundamental characteristics and conditions that must be known and interpreted when modeling a tokenization scheme. The success of the project comes largely from knowing the characteristics and environment of the business, project or asset.
In this stage, two fundamental agents are determined, the DEFINERS (who own the business, project or asset to be tokenized) and the DEVELOPERS (who take the data collected to give shape and potential to the project).
This questionnaire is a step prior to the creation of the whitepaper document that will serve as the basis for the programming of the Smart contract as support for the representation of the asset's value through tokens.
Before carrying out the same, the importance of having read the following previous documents is highlighted:

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Personal Information

Scope of commercial activity

National and international business context

Legal and tax regulatory environment

Technological Scope

Competition and market players

Management and HR scope

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Core or center of the business to be tokenized

Financial and patrimonial scope. Accompany attachments if possible.

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